(sorry for my poor camera quality! will post better pictures once actual non-prototype book is printed out!)
Monster Hunter fanbook’s prototype for color testing is printed out!! I am really pleased by the color outcome and gotta do mass printing tomorrow! oh also printed out postcards for pre-order freebies!
(guest artists will get an extra exclusive coronado postcards with some sketch at the back)

I’ll post more update once the finished book,the keychains and the totebags are done!! ;w; )/

By the way, pre-order is 5 days left!! Order yours here to get free postcards!! http://seiryuuden.storenvy.com/

A message from hazzers
I preordered a donut eevee and I still haven't received it. Have they shipped? How long does it usually take? I live in the States...

Hi there, please do read the item description in the Storenvy. I have stated that the item will be in stock approximately by October, everyone else who ordered also haven’t got their item shipped so don’t worry about it! Also shipping may take 2-4 weeks! Thank you very much :)

Sir Blue Knight you shouldn’t do that

Sir Blue Knight you shouldn’t do that

That post about sleepy bunny kept getting reblogged but guess what, we actually got bunnies!! Dad bought them last weekend and we put them into a different house so they can roam around because the house where we are staying doesn’t have a garden. We visit them on weekends and there’s someone who take a good care of the house and these buns while we’re away. I wish I can have them in our current house so we can interact more often but I don’t want them to suffer! ;-;

There are five bunnies but mine is the brown one with stripe on its head, his name is Skippy! ^o^


It’s finally here!
Marks of Heroes: A Monster Hunter Fanbook is finally up for pre-order!

About the Fanbook:
- B5 / 32 pages Full color

- 18 Artworks + 3 pages yonkoma
- 8 Guest Artists

Featuring guest artists:

Cessa | Raemz | Wanco | Ocaritna | Kumashige | Abby | Maiko | Ryo

You can pre-order yours via Storenvy: http://seiryuuden.storenvy.com/
Pre orders will be closed by 20th September 2014!
Items will be shipped by approximately mid October!

2 weeks remaining until pre-order is over!!

A message from pappuuchan
Your art, man. It's just SO. GOOD. I love your style a ton. I just had to tell you. Please keep going, I enjoy looking through your stuff. I just got to compliment good art. That is all. ♡

Aww thanks a lot for the sweet message! I will work harder and I really appreciate it <3

A message from n-lyon
is that cute bunny girl you fursona or something ?

Fellica is a chinchilla actually but I should fix how I draw her tail so that she looks more like it c:

rather than a fursona you could say that’s my most biased oc at the moment but who knows! :D

Fellica loves to hunt down big monsters too! &gt;:3
Also Monster Hunter fanbook pre-order is still open!! order yours here http://seiryuuden.storenvy.com/

Fellica loves to hunt down big monsters too! >:3

Also Monster Hunter fanbook pre-order is still open!! order yours here http://seiryuuden.storenvy.com/

A message from xenocross
pst, first of all sorry I know its stated paypal only on your DA but do you accept payment IDR?

Is this regarding commission or Monhun fanbook? :D

I do accept both in IDR payment though! you can email me via seiryuuden@gmail.com if you’d like a commission!

if monhun fanbook, please read the information here: http://ponpekopon.tumblr.com/post/96466293770/its-finally-here-marks-of-heroes-a-monster
there is an information regarding orders in IDR there! :)

A message from akurin
One of these days I'm gonna commish you to make me a full body pic of MHFU's Cuga G Rank armor with uhhh... I guess the Rath gleamsword. Alas being a poor college student will have to put that on hold T-T

Awww! Feel free to let me know anytime via email if you’re ready for commission! I will announce further news if commission is no longer open but there’s always some other time! :D