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sei are u playing wind waker on wii u? if yes then u should take selfies~ ;D and i took a selfie on every single boss and got it posted here XDD

Yes! Ahhh I still have no idea how do I save the picture taken from Wind Waker (I already got the pictobox though) then post it online, I don’t even know how do I create that bottle message thing, I should google that now! o - o;;

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hey sei~ :D how far r u on wind waker right now so far?

Just finished my third dungeon! (Tower of Gods) :D

Various Links! From the Zelda games I’ve played so far minus Wind Waker :D

More Wind Waker stuffs uwu

am I the only one who thought of this :3c

am I the only one who thought of this :3c

"Big brother! Look what I’ve found"Aryll from Zelda Wind Waker! Guess who started playing the game! * u *

"Big brother! Look what I’ve found"
Aryll from Zelda Wind Waker! Guess who started playing the game! * u *

Nendoroid Problem: CASE SOLVED

Got my reply from Good Smile Company as you guys said, THEY WILL REPLACE my defected parts! Thank you for your help and thank you Good Smile Company! :’)

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OMG ily so much you're so good at drawing!!!! I would LOVE it if you drew more "kawaii Pokemon" if that's possible

Thank you very much, anon!! I’ll note that! * v * )b

warm and fluffy hugs~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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I don't see anything really wrong with the arm... Could you be a little clear about the issue at hand? But anyway, yes. Contact GSC. They will help you out. They're really cool with giving replacement parts. Sometimes they charge but I'm sure since this is a new release, they'll give it to you for free.

The problem is the left arm couldn’t bend forward but it can be bent backwards instead see the photo below

Just turn the upper arm so it can be bent forward?
of course I’ve done the trick but it’s very uncomfortable because the outer part of the armor would go inside :(

Yes I have contacted GSC and I have yet received any reply, I’ll be contacting them again if I don’t receive a reply within a week :)

For now, I’ll just display her without having her arm bending ; - ;