Might as well post this here too! (sorry no 2008 and earlier because I only have some digital files with me;;)
also on dA: http://seiryuuden.deviantart.com/art/Improvement-meme-2009-2014-470117665

Digimon doodles!! 45mins each! (I should probably draw something for its 15th anniversary waughhh)


Alpha & Omega

Long overdue, but better late than never. Get the wallpaper format here!

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 My friend did a (gorgeous) thing! go check his artworks out, people!

Based on me and wanko’s chat, I just…. had to draw this hahaha!


These Pokemon 1.5 inch acrylic charms are up for Pre-Orders on my Storenvy now! More information and specifications are also there!

Pre-Order session will be closed by 5th August 2014!
They’re 6USD each.
Get yours here:

Eeveelution Donut 1.5” Acrylic Charms: (x)
Eeveelution Donut Full Set:(x)
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire 1.5” Acrylic Charms: (x)

2 weeks until pre-order session ends! GO GO GO!

Suddenly pile of Kaneki whoops! Just watched the anime yesterday and read the manga this whole day haaaaa~

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✍ Imperialdramon fighter mode?

((okay last one now lololol, thank you everyone for giving me stuffs to draw ^q^))

Drew my Emboar’s gijinka couple of days ago!

Drew my Emboar’s gijinka couple of days ago!

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Wargreymon HAHAHAHHA

((Evan is that you))

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kirby :3c?