test print today and i’m so happy with my babies!

photo by sei cos my hands are too shaky when i’m excited (´・∀・`;)ゞ

Wheezeeeee well done on this, wanco! also LL is a really fun addictive mobage coughcough u///u

King Kuro! >:3

King Kuro! >:3


It’s finally here!
Marks of Heroes: A Monster Hunter Fanbook is finally up for pre-order!

About the Fanbook:
- B5 / 32 pages Full color

- 18 Artworks + 3 pages yonkoma
- 8 Guest Artists

Featuring guest artists:

Cessa | Raemz | Wanco | Ocaritna | Kumashige | Abby | Maiko | Ryo

You can pre-order yours via Storenvy:
Pre orders will be closed by 20th September 2014!
Items will be shipped by approximately mid October!

For Indonesian pre-order, please fill up this form below and send it to

Shipping Address: (please include your phone number)
Hunter’s Pack: (Normal Rank/High Rank/G-Rank)

I only accept payment via BCA Transfer (for local buyers)
I will require full payment in advance so that I can keep my Storenvy stock up to date if you are purchasing the item. If you are not sure about purchasing, please refrain from sending an inquiry via email.
Shipping fee for Indonesian buyer is between 10-20k IDR depending on which Hunter’s Pack you are ordering.

Signal boost will be appreciated!
Many thanks!

Regular order is now OPEN! Go grab em! :D



So ponpekopon was feeling poopy earlier today and I tried cheering her up with the first pic. It’s one of her OCs, Kurogane the warrior canine. :)

… The second one is really just for me, though. >.>

OH MY~ I didn’t notice there’s the rear view version, I am pleased with this u/////u

Rune Factory Frontier my lifesaverrrrrrrrrrrr! ;o; )/

I plan on marrying Eunice since she’s such a nice bachelorette but then I am conflicted if I should make her slim or not because I like the way she looks yet she wants to diet for her own sake o|-<

Inktober day 7 and day 10! been busy with lots of stuffs lately and constantly getting stressed…I hope things will turn better soon!

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kemono's ears are so tiny *A* that someone might touch them without his permission~

you’ll get bitten though!!

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Are you from Singapore? 0.0 and do you have a deviantart account? And I think I bought the pokemon AS/OR keychains from you x3 totally love them xD

Ah no I am from Indonesia! Yes my dA account is seiryuuden and thanks a lot by the way! * o *


These Pokemon 1.5 inch acrylic charms are up for Pre-Orders on my Storenvy now! More information and specifications are also there!

Pre-Order session will be closed by 5th August 2014!
They’re 6USD each.
Get yours here:

Eeveelution Donut 1.5” Acrylic Charms: (x)
Eeveelution Donut Full Set:(x)
Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire 1.5” Acrylic Charms: (x)

GOOD NEWS! Our Storenvy is now back in business! The charms just arrived today and will ship pre-orders by this week! Regular order is now open too!